How to make your eye shadow's last longer...

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A couple of questions I often hear at work are 'How do I make my eye shadows last longer?" and "My eye shadows always crease, why?"

The answer is because your not wearing an eye primer!

I love to explain it this way, eye shadows are a dry product and so is "bread". If you put 2 slices of bread together, its going to fall apart instantly. However, if you spread butter on one of the slices they will hold and stick together. 

Your eye shadows are fading and wearing away quicker because they don't have a sticky base to hold to. Wearing a eye primer will increase the longevity of your eye makeup and stop them from creasing.

If you have super oily eye lids your going to need a heavy duty eye primer and then set it with a face powder for that extra security. 

Of course using your face primer on your eyelids will help your eyeshadow last longer but an eye primer will do a better job :)

I've listed a few of my favourite eye primers below. 
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
2. Benefit Stay Don't Stray
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion
4. Mac Paint Pot
5. Elf
6. Milani
7. Mac waterproof 24hr

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