Budget Friendly Perfume

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I LOVE perfume. I feel it completes me once I have on a killer outfit and gorgeous hair and makeup.
Now the only downside to a lot of perfumes are the price tags attached. Its a bit of an expense.

At work we have a collection call Stitch which do "smells like" but for a fraction of the price. Initially I was sceptical about this range as expected they could be a bit 'stinky' however I got a really pleasant surprise :)

I love getting these perfumes when I don't want to fully commit to the real deal and shell out all that 
cash to find out or I can't justify the cost of another expensive perfume.

Also I find they are really handy to have one in the car and in a drawer at work so 
I can quickly freshen up if I want to.

Lastly I got a few of these for my younger cousins who are just entering the world of hair, makeup and perfume. They LOVE them. The feel grown up and lady like and my aunt loves them as they can choose a few different scents and not break the bank.

With the warm days of summer a quick spray of perfume always makes me feel refreshed again and 
currently we are selling them 2 for $10, you can't go wrong!

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