ZA Limited Edition Mascara

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ZA Pink Panther Mascara

My new favourite mascara....

We have just received in store the ZA Limited Edition PINK PANTHER MASCARA!

I completely fell in love with the packaging before I even tried the product :)  I've always loved Pink Panther cartoons - haha!

Initially on first application I wasn't too sure about the mascara. The formula is a bit drier than I'm used to but after applying, drying and reapplying I really loved the volume I could get. I then applied a third coat and it made my lashes look fantastic - so much so that I the first day I was wearing it a customer asked what mascara I was wearing. When I explained I was trialling a mascara for the boss, she said she hoped like anything that we were going to get it - now we do!!

I like the shaped brush. It ensures all my lashes get a good coat of mascara and it is really easy to manoeuvre (unlike some other shaped brushes!).

Lastly this stuff is truly waterproof. I couldn't get it off! Which is perfect in summer with long days at the beach or round the pool and there is no  flaking or smudging.

If you are after a good day to day mascara that added a bit of volume that doesn't budge I would recommend this one.

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