Time to party....

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It's party time...
With loads of Christmas parties happening at the moment I've been busy suggesting to customers in store to 'step outside their comfort zone' with makeup!

Seriously there is no better time than a party to experiment with a bright lipstick, new eye shadow shade or a fancy manicure. 

Consider choosing a bold lip colour - we love the lipsticks from the LA Girl range. Wear something bolder than usual to make people say WOW :) Check out the video for tips to get your lips looking fabulous.

For your eyes think about using a deep brown eyeliner rather than black. This will keep your eyes from appearing too heavy-handed, especially when you also have a bold lip colour.

Remember to finish your look with lots of mascara, just because you can't ever over do mascara :)

My go to list for shoppers....

Lipstick : LA Girl Matte Pigment Glosses or LA Girl Matte Flat Lipstick $9.09

Lipliner : LA Girl Auto Lipliner $7.69

Eyeliner : LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner $8.39

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1 comment

  1. Those LA Girl Mattes look so cool! great colours too. Thanks Lucy, you always have good tips to share