Confessions of a makeup artist - part 3

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Do you ever wonder about some of the interesting things makeup artists get up to during the day???

Just the other day I had a nice lady ask about what kind of looks you could make using the SAX Eye Delight palette. 

Now I jumped at this as I totally luurve this palette but as she was already wearing eyeshadow she didn't want it applied on her eyes and I didn't really want to take my eye makeup off either lol :)

So I printed out a face chart and did a quick look on paper to show her the look she could achieve using this palette. 

The photo unfortunately doesn't do my artistic skill justice at all, but the lady was impressed and she brought the palette.  

Later in the day when it was quiet I ended up finishing this poor girls face off as she was looking a little pale :)

Just another interesting and enjoyable day as a makeup artist x

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