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Now that summer is officially here I just had to give my favourite bronzer a shout out. I have been using this for well over a year now and cant get enough of it!

I like a natural looking slightly golden bronzer as I am lucky and do get a tan in the summer. The Miki bronzer that comes in the Gloss & Glow pack is my go to.

I doesn't have any sparkle to it, but its not completely matte either. I would describe it as having a slight natural looking sheen. When it comes to bronzer, glitter is a no go for me. 

The brush that comes in the pack is OK, but personally I don't use it. Instead I use an angled blush brush to apply this as it gives me a natural finish. Also this has great pigment but is very buildable.

Now the lip gloss I only use if I want to create an ombre lip or you can also use it as a cream highlight for your check bones. Just don't forget to set it with a powder highlight afterwards.

We currently have the Gloss & Glow pack at work for $10. 
Check it out for yourself!

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