Colourpop Haul Part 1

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Everyone at work loves Colourpop! Even thought we don't stock it in store we can still love other brands :)

A group of us decided to do (another) order together to save money on shipping. I wanted to show you what I ordered and I will show you what the others ordered in another post.

I've only ever ordered eye shadows but this time I got lipsticks too. I chose 3 of the Ultra matte liquid lipsticks and one of the newer eye shadows. My next order is going to be even bigger!

For the Ultra matte lipsticks I chose Midi, Trap and Limbo. There was another shade I wanted (Kapow) but it was out of stock :( I've swatched the ones I got below

The eyeshadow I got is called "Coconut" and I love it! Its a bright peacock teal with a pearlized finish. It contains very fine reflective glitters and it just looks stunning! I can't wait to use it. I love colour pop eye shadows

The eye shadows are so pigmented and only retail for USD$5 whattttt!?

Don't forget to check out what the other girls got! I would totally recommend colourpop, the are amazing and crazy affordable. The only downside is waiting, waiting, waiting for them to arrive once you have done your online order and of course you can't swatch the colours so need to rely on other makeup addicts advice....

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1 comment

  1. Love seeing Colorpop swatches! Peacock looks amazing