Starting out in Makeup : Part 1 - Using Primer

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Face - Creating the Base

I've met so many ladies who don't wear any makeup but really want to. The problem is that they don't know where to start. 

You'll find millions of different makeup products out on the market ranging from inexpensive to very expensive all declaring they can do amazing things. It can be confusing and intimidating for those who don't know much about makeup to know just where to start and to work out if it is worth paying extra for the luxury brands . Plus some makeup shops (and staff -ha ha!) can be really intimidating...

The best way to enter the makeup world, is starting off with the basics. I'm going to help you cover all the basics starting with the "Face" and breaking products into little sections so it isn't too overwhelming. I will also cover brows, eyes and lips once I've finished with covering the face

Lets gets started!

Face Primer

The purpose of using a face primer is to help your BB cream/foundation last longer, blend easier and look smoother. It also fills in fine lines and pores and can help control oil for those who have a oily skin type. 

Primer is used after your moisturizer and before your BB cream/Foundation.  It creates a base for your foundation and I consider it an essential product in summer as it really helps your foundation last through the heat of the day.

Affordable Options: 
  • She Pure Magic Primer (all skin types ) 
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer (oily skin)
Splurge Options: 

  • Smashbox Photo Finish
  • Mac Prep and Prime Natural Radiance

Personally sometimes I skip using primer in my makeup routine...  Some day I just want to do wear a touch of makeup but I can really tell the difference in how long my makeup lasts and how fresh it looks.  So if you want your makeup to last all day I really recommend using a primer first and you will be able to see the difference.

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