Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipsticks

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Here at Love My Makeup, there is no doubt that we are all huge lipstick fans. Always wearing a new one everyday and finding new combo's that blow each other away. But one of our stand out lipsticks has to be the Rimmel London, Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lippys and here is why...

Not only do these lipsticks have amazing pigmentation, but the name truly lives up to it's performance. They are super long lasting!  You could apply one of the many shades in the range at 8am in the morning and you honestly won't need to stress about having to touch up for hours!! (except maybe after eating and drinking, but I mean not many lipsticks actually hold up after having your lunch; so that's kind of expected...)

The range has a wide variety of shades available and in 2 different and easily distinguishable forumlas. A matte finish (Red packaging) and more of satin finish (Black packaging) and below is where you'll find swatches of the shades that we have available in our Love My Makeup/Makeup Clearance stores

(From left: 107, 111, 106, 103, 113)

First are the Matte formula shades. These are loved by many essentially for their matte finish, but also because they're still really moisturising on the lip; you get none of that gross, dry cracking with these lipsticks.

107 is quite a deep vampy red shade, perfect for winter ahead.
111 is the perfect red, always the first recommendation when someone comes in looking for a true red.
106 is a staff favourite, and a customer favourite. It's a super vibrant raspberry pink. LOVE
and 113 is more of a nude shade, with very obvious yellow undertones, it's a perfect nude for someone with olive skin, Or great to mix with other shades

(From left: 16, 10, 12, 22, 20)

And anything packaged in a black tube, we like to consider to be more of a satin finish lipstick. It has a bit of a shine without being glossy. What's great about these is again, the pigmentation but also the ease of application and the way these feel once applied. The formula is very nourishing for a lipstick with such high pigment so they're really comfortable to wear, you can almost forget you've even got it on!

16 is a beautiful coral, peachy pink shade. Perfect for Summer
10 is another red in the range, this one is more of a blue based red and is a little bit deeper than the 111 in the matte range, but still highly recommended
12 If you're looking for an orange, then this is your go to! a really bright but super wearable orange
22 and again, another red (This lipstick range seems to have a lot of red shades, obviously because you can never have too many shades of red) This one is quite unique as it's more of a pinky red. 
and 20 is a ultimate barbie pink. When you think of hot pink, this is exactly that in a lipstick!

 (From left: 26, 03, 19, 05)

And finally, some more of the satin lipsticks. These shades are more on the nude side of the scale, great for everyday wear if you're not into super bright colours. This is another attribute worth noting for the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks; the colour selection is very accommodating to everyone whether you are confident enough to wear a super bright barbie pink, or if you're more comfortable with a softer shade, this range will no doubt have something to suit you.

26 is a very yellow based nude, almost like a caramel kind of colour. Great for olive skin tones
03  is more of a pink based, beige nude. Very wearable and heading towards the ever so popular 'Kylie Jenner' lip colour
19 is quite a natural pink, great for everyday as it tends to be similar to many peoples natural lip colour. Perfect 'your lips but better' colour
and 05 is a muted mauve-pink. Again very wearable for everyday.

So when you next find yourself in one of our beautiful Love My Makeup or Makeup Clearance stores be sure to check out what Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks we have in stock, because we can assure you, you won't be disappointed!

Love My Makeup, Sylvia Park x

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