My Quick go to Summer Makeup

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With summer in full swing and the sun shining I have been in a 'no makeup makeup' mood.
However the truth is I am still wearing makeup :) I've just been favouring light products that just even out my skin with a light coverage and keeping my look really simple.

For foundation I'm using the ZA Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 20. I love this as its quick (I apply with my fingers, then lightly buff it out with my kabuki brush) and it also contains SPF10 which is so important for your skin especially in summer.

Next I apply a very small amount of Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I want a slight glow to my skin but don't want the tinted moisturizer melting away throughout the day and this helps it last longer in the heat.

Bronzer is so important for me in summer...  I love the bronzer in the LA Girl Blush Palette "GLOW" I am one of these people that can get a great tan. Instead of contouring I hit the hollows of the checks and forehead with bronzer to give my face some dimension and colour.

 LA Girl Blush Beauty Brick

To get my glow on I then lightly hit the tops of my check bones, tip of my nose and cupids bow with the same palette, but this time picking up the highlighter.

I can't leave the house without mascara so a couple of coats of my current fave Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara will do :)

Lastly brows. I want them as natural as possible but they do need a 'little something' so with the Sax Brow Kit I lightly fill them in with the medium brow colour with an angle brush and them comb them thru at the end.

Opps! I cant forget lips!  I just reach for a tinted lip balm... Currently I'm trying to use up a couple of my faves from L'Oreal - they don't make them any more and I cant remember the name! If I want a little more colour I go to the Revlon Just Kissable Lip Balms. Make sure you look after your lips in summer :)

That's it! Done! Finished! This routine will take me about 10 minutes (or maybe less!)...

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