Summer Chapped Lips?

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Battling dry, cracked lips this summer?

The feeling of dry, chapped lips is horrible, can be painful and doesn't look great :(

We tend to spend more time outside during summer and being out in the elements is tough on your lips... Lots of us suffer from chapped lips so here are some reminders to keep your lips looking and feeling at their best.

Don’t forget your lips when you apply sunscreen. 
You can just use your normal sunscreen on your lips so make sure they get a covering along with the rest of your face.

. Look for a lip balm or gloss that has sunblock in it for extra protection.
Remember to reapply regularly during the day to keeping your lips moisturized.
Take it with you to the beach or out on the boat - you protect your eyes with sunglasses so protect your lips too!

When your lips feel dry and chapped whatever you do don't lick them!
I know you want to but soon after licking them, they feel dry again, so you lick them once more. This is a 'nasty never ending' cycle to get into.

Remember to drink plenty of water to keep up your fluids. 

Hope these tips help xxx

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