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Finding your perfect foundation shade can be tricky...

I spend quite a lot of time at work colour matching to find the perfect foundation shade for customers. Some skin tones are more tricky to find the perfect foundation for but rest assured a perfect match can always be found!

Obviously most makeup stores will colour match for free but sometimes you might want to find a match without asking for help or there might not be someone around to help you straight away.

Here's some tips & tricks I've learnt over the years as a Makeup Artist...

  • Do more than one test swatch - I suggest cheek & jawline 
  • Check the test swatches under a couple of different lighting situations 
  • When you can’t open the products hold up the bottle next to your face to check 
  • Buy somewhere with a good return policy and don’t be ashamed to return if it’s not a match 
  • Have two foundation shades if you colourings change from summer to winter 
  • If you really want a low-maintenance routine use BB cream or tinted moisturizer :) 

The perfect shade of foundation will almost appear to blend into your skin. You don't want to look like you are wearing a mask once you've spread it all over your face!

Natural sunlight is always best to check if you have the correct colour match. Lighting conditions can really affect how a product looks on your skin. 

For lots of people their skin tone can change through the year.  So it may be worth having a slightly lighter foundation for winter months and another slightly darker shade for summer. 

Sheer products such as tinted moisturizers and BB creams allow for more leeway when it comes to colour matching and the light coverage allows for your natural skin tone to show through.

Have you got any tips to share?

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