REVIEW - NYX Professional Makeup - Lip Lingerie Lipsticks

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NYX Professional Makeup 

Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

OK I'm probably a bit late to the party in trying this product as I realise they have been around for a while...  However until relatively recently it has been rather tricky to get your hands on this range in NZ. I'm definitely pleased to see more NYX Professional Makeup products available in the local market :)

(NAME CHANGE - We are used to talking about NYX products the proper company name is NYX Professional Makeup so I'm going to try to use this going forward!)

NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks are liquids lipstick with a soft matte finish. The range is well known for the large range of nude colours and their must be a nude to suit every single skin tone!   When you are looking at all shades in the holder it can be rather overwhelming and personally I found it rather tricky to see the difference in some of the colours as they look so similar. However when you swatch them you can see they are actually quite different on your skin tone. 

Before I even applied Lip Lingerie I noticed the yummy smell...  I love vanilla scent and these are vanilla scented :) I tried 'Lace Detail' and it is really pretty on my lips.

To be honest I didn't really like the applicator wand, I mean it is ok but could be better.  I didn't feel it necessarily applied the product that evenly and smoothly on my lips. They have a mousse-like texture and although they are quite pigmented I did apply a second coat to ensure my lips looked perfect.

The product dries to a soft matte once it is on your lips.  As seems standard with liquid matte lip products they can feel a bit drying depending on your skin type. However the product looked good and lasted all day through eating and drinking etc. and that is really important to me.  Costing under $12.00 from LoveMy Makeup it was a thumbs up purchase!

All in all I would recommend this product but probably wouldn't wear it every single day but then with so many great lip products on the market I need to mix it up!

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