NEW! L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss | Full Collection Swatches

L.A Girl have released a few new products, my favorite being the Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses. I've been eyeing these up since DAY 1 of being released in the US and now they're available here in NZ woop!

They've just been put out today at LoveMy Makeup stores, so you guys need to get in quick! The colours are amazing and I can already tell what colours would sell out first.

You can also buy them online (NZ) at
They have free shipping at the moment, when you spend $25 or over!

LoveMy Makeup is selling them for $9.09 which is so cheap! I own Limecrime Velvetines, Jeffree Star Velour Lips, Australis Velour Lips, Sleek Matte Me Lip creams and a whole bunch of other popular "MATTE" Liquid Lipsticks. $9 is literally half the price of what I have to pay for the others.

There are 16 shades to choose from. Nudes, pink, reds, purples etc I've done swatches of the Full Collection. 

My personal favorites are Dreamy - The "Perfect" brown/pink nude.
If you love MAC Velvet teddy but wish it were less brown and a teeny tiny bit more rose/pink. You need this! This would be a Kylie Jenner lip for light complexions.

My other favourites are Rebel and Backstage.

They dry completely matte. The name " pigment gloss " can confuse a few people. When you hear gloss you instantly think creamy and shiny. How ever this just has a gloss type of formula, but when it dries it is "Matte".

Application: I think it needs a better applicator. Its not something you can whip on real quick. You need a steady mirror and time to apply ha!

Texture: I love the formula! It feels so comforting on the lips when I apply it. Soft, cushy and good coverage. How ever I think there was the odd 1-2 shades that needed 2 layers. I usually apply 2 layers any ways.

Longevity: It lasted the entire day. I applied it around 10 am and its now 3 pm. I haven't had anything to drink (naughty me) but I did eat ice cream, lollies and sandwiches. Its still here sitting on my lips.

Any Sticky Feeling? Not sticky at all. It was only when I ate it became sticky afterwards. It must of been the mayonnaise from my sandwich maybe :p

Cons: The Applicator definitely.

Pros: I love them so much! A major pro for me is the Colour selection. They done a great job in creating colours that are super popular at the moment. I was so happy when I saw the selection of deep/dark shades.

I hope you found these swatches helpful! xo

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  1. Where do i purchase these for cheap


    2. or from LoveMy Makeup stores in Auckland

  2. I bought Tulle, playful and backstage from the Onehunga Dressmart and I totally agree with your review. the applicator could have better but the color selection beats it all.
    You did such fab swatches girl and now I'm obsessing over Instinct and Obsess. Need them all..haha

  3. Hi Lucy, what did you think about backstage? I love the colour but seen reviews saying that it's patchy and a bit hard to get a good application. I love the colour but don't know if it's worth me spending my money on it so would love to know what you think about it :)

  4. when will you be re stocking these? :)

  5. I have 3 of these now - Rebel, Dreamy and Fantasy. Fantasy looked cute in the tube, but is too coral for me. Rebel looks like a similar colour to Revlon Moisture Stain 'Parisian Passion', only without the gloss.